Saturday, January 30, 2010

One more for the road

Soldier rest! Thy warfare o'er. Sleep the sleep thast knows not breaking. Dream of battled fields no more, days of danger nor nights of waking.
- Sir Walter Scott

I wouldn't normally add a single model as an update to a hak. However I have done just that with the recent Weapon Pack v1.31 update after deciding it would be my final contribution to the NWN2 community.

It would have been great to get a Hall of Fame award for the Weapon Pack before I retired from active duty. With only two votes to go I guess it will get there eventually.

So I'm moving on to work on other things. There is a start-up indie project that has attracted some good Australian & New Zealand game design talent. It's still in the concept development stages and it has a long way to go. That's where I'll be focussing my energies for the short term, at least.

Thanks to those people that encouraged my work with comments or votes on my vault submissions.

Thanks also to those modders that gave credit for the BTH content they used in their modules or PWs. Many modders underestimate how important this simple act can be.

Thanks to those in the community that shared their knowledge so that people like me can join in the fun of adding to the game.

And thanks to those that read this blog.

Cheers - BTH

Just bend the pieces 'til they fit.