Monday, December 28, 2009

The Romans are coming!

Veni, Vedi, Vici
. - Julius Caesar

The BTH Model Clearance Sale is finished.

The Roman Soldier project was something that was originally destined for the Dark Ages PW. The collection of Roman soldiers' kit is a series of firsts for me. It started with the Scutum (shield) which was the very first shield model I made. Followed by the gladius (short sword) which was my first weapon. Eventually I made the Galea (helmet), again, my first and only helmet model. Finally I worked my way up to doing the Lorica Hamata (armour). Yep, the first attempt at modelling armour.

All the models were complete with the exception of the armour. I stopped work on the armour back in February this year and with the demise of the Dark Ages PW I expected it would remain unfinished. That was until I followed a link that led to Erik Breau's blog on his Europa PW with a fantasy Europe setting. A quick succession of emails with Erik and the models found a home on his PW.

Surprisingly, I completed the armour in very short time. I'm glad I finished it and I'm pleased these models will now be used. I'm sure Erik will take good care of them.

I'm not planning to release the helm or the armour to the vault, so if you can make use of these models please leave a comment here on this blog or email me via my NWVault profile: Barry_The_Hatchet

The sword is available in the BTH Weapon Pack and the shield was a new addition to the recently updated BTH Shield Pack.

So what now for me? When I started the BTH Model Clearance Sale back in September I gave myself until the end of the year to finish off my 3D work for Neverwinter Nights 2. I've done that now and for the moment I'm undecided as to what to do next.


thete said...

Are you looking for another game engine to play with?
Is a shame about the dark ages pw, that's one I would of liked.

Anyways good luck in finding what todo next.
cheers mate.

BTH said...

Hey Thete. Good to see you are still around. Yeah, it is a shame about Dark Ages and it's just one of several NWN2 projects that I've modelled for that never made it to completion. Such is life.

I'm having difficulty moving on from NWN2. I had expected to be lured away by Dragon Age, but the 3D custom content lacks support from Bioware. I'll check in again in the future and see if the community tools have matured. (Because the whole 3D thing is challenging enough without buggy tools lol)

Maybe I need to find an indie project to help with.

For the moment, at least, I'll continue working with NWN2. I've always wanted to correct the travesty that Obsidian inflicted on arcane casters by way of those ugly magic staffs.

Cheers - BTH