Saturday, September 26, 2009

The BTH Model Clearance Sale

My warehouse is drastically over-stocked. Everything must go!

Over the last couple of years I've worked on a number of NWN2 projects that never made it to completion. The rate of project failure has been quite spectacular and I think that is a reflection on how much effort it takes to design and build a quality NWN2 module or persistent world. My only contribution to most of these projects has been to make custom models which is only a small part when you consider the writing, building and scripting that goes into completing a module. Running an amateur gaming project that relies on volunteer contributions must be like herding cats.

At the end of the day it seems a shame to have created custom models that won't get used. So I've decided to gather the models that are laying around like unclaimed baggage and release what I can to the vault with the hope that someone can use them.

I've updated the BTH Houses hak with models that were done for the terminally ill Dark Ages PW project. Unfortunately Dark Ages only ever made it to a basic alpha release before being left to wither. A pity. I was looking forward to playing Dark Ages with the AussieNWN guys. Such is life.

The update to the BTH Houses hak includes 4 re-skinned OC house models plus an inn as well as textures for the Standard Interior tileset that match the external stone or earth walls of the house models. The re-skinned houses have been dirtied up a little in keeping with the rustic feel of the other BTH houses.

Over the coming weeks I'll work my way through all the unused models I have and release what I can. I think this will help draw a line under my NWN2 work and tidy up the remaining loose ends. A sense of getting my affairs in order, so to speak.

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Stormseer said...

Brilliant work you have done BtH. Shame we at AussieNWN have never got to use it in anything more than our Alpha :(