Saturday, September 5, 2009

Equipping the Dogs of War

Dogs of war and men of hate

Without a cause, we don't discriminate - Pink Floyd

This page is way overdue for an update so I'm going to post a spread of screenshots of some of the wea
pons and shields that I've made for BouncyRock's Shattered Dreams module and the BTH Weapon Pack.

So starting with the Shattered Dreams tribal them
e; we have some leather shields and primitive weapons as well as the Axes and Shield carried by Elysius' Knight. The screenshots are not taken from the Shattered Dreams mod and so the setting is a little out of context (especially the dude wearing a Roman helm while wielding the flint dagger). Nevertheless here they are.

Below are the models I recently added to the BTH Weapon Pack. I really enjoyed making these (and the Knight's equipment above) and I went looking for inspiration among the Warhammer Online concept art to help me achieve the tone I was looking for. I love the hammer, all the markings are worn, there are runes embossed in the head and it looks as though it's been around for many a long year.

I have a couple more weapons in mind with a similar feel to them. That should keep the Dogs of War happy.

And lastly, I was pleased to see my Module Testing Toolkit receive a Hall of Fame award. It's great to see a niche product, like the MTT, get such good support from module builders.

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E.C.Patterson said...

Awesome stuff. I especially like the shield with the eagle design.